Fall Gnarly 9 (All of our seasonal flavors!)

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One of each of our seasonal cookie collection...

Smashed Pumpkin – Our Fall favorite is back!!!! The pumpkin cookie combines a wonderful seasonal puree with white chocolate and a sweet glaze. Is there anything better than autumn in Colorado with a pumpkin treat?? [ with Pumpkin Puree / White Chocolate / Powdered Sugar ]

Maple Bacon – Bacon has found a home in the Gnarly Mountain Cookie Family. This cookie is all about the sweet and savory. What more could anyone ask for? [ with Bacon / Maple Extract / Chocolate ]

Burnt Apple Pie – Well, nothing is perfect, but this cookie is pretty close. Think... apple cider with your grandma's apple pie! It'll make a tasty addition to your Holiday feast. [ with Cider Powder / Caramel / Cinnamon / Apple ]

Colorado Craft Beer Snacks – The perfect compliment for your happy hour beers. We use local breweries’ grains with their craft beers combined with your beer top snacks for this Colorado masterpiece. [ with Roasted Mixed Nuts / Spent Grains with Reduced Beer / Chocolate / Carmel Corn ]

White Chocolate Pistachio Cran – It's Christmas all year round with our beautiful melody of pistachio & cranberry with some white chocolate mixed in. Let the festivities begin! [ with White Chocolate Chips / Pistachio / Dried Cranberries / Green Food Dye ]

Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean – A perfect mid day pick me up. Chocolate covered espresso bean pieces in our cookie dough will keep you smiling without having to swing by the coffee shop. [ with Chocolate Chips Espresso Powder / Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans ]

Peanut Butter and Mountain Jelly – It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time! We mix mountain berries in our peanut butter dough and top it with a strawberry glaze. Pack them in those picnic  baskets and enjoy them under that Rocky Mountain Sky. [ with Mixed Berries / Peanut Butter / Peanut Chips / Powder Sugar / Strawberry Extract / Red Food Dye ]

Horchata Cinnamon Breakfast Cookies – The wonderful horchata flavor was made for cookies. This cookie was designed for a morning treat, but it can be enjoyed all hours of the day. Cinnamon ALL DAY Cookie monsters! [ with Horchata Powder (Dextrose, Sugar, Titanium Dioxide, Maltodextrin, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (May Contain Soybean and/or Canola and/or Palm Oil), Skimmed Milk Powder, Artificial Flavor, Guar Gum, Silicon Dioxide, Aspartame, Powdered Cinnamon, Rice Flour, Acesulfame, Potassium, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Caramel)White Chips / Butter Scotch ChipsRum Extract / Cinnamon ]

Chocolate Covered Pretzel with Orange Zest Our Signature Cookie with a little bit of sweet, salty, and citrus. [ with Pretzel / Chocolate / Orange Zest / Sea Salt / Orange Juice ]